What is Bitmap Studios?
Bitmap Studios consists of a small team of graphic designers and software developers who work together to satisfy the design needs of small businesses all across the country. We are dedicated to providing quality designs/services to those in need of improving their company's appearence and user experience. We are different from other design companies, because we are a small company that is able to individualize each of our client's needs. Our committment to you is important and we want all of our customers to be fully satisfied and content with our products.
Our team:
Branden is a 22-year-old graphic designer from Salinas, California. He specializes in graphic design and illustration for small companies. Branden has advanced experience in his field, as he works hard to provide businesses with high quality designs and illustrations.
Hillary is a 21-year-old junior software developer who is currently studying computer science at St. Joseph's College, located in Long Island, New York. She continues to advance her skills and further the ability to create inspiring websites/apps for small businesses.
Our Mission:
Our goal is to work with companies and provide them with designs necessary to fill the needs of their company.
Learn More:
Want to know more about us? Just ask! Send us an email or click here to fill out a form.