What Are Commissions?
Our team uses top-notch software to produce the best products for our valued customers. Hire us to create a quality design for you or your company (i.e logos, signs, banners, etc.). Follow the steps below in order to commission us for a high quality design.
Step 1:
Contact us by either emailing us directly or by clicking here. We are here to meet your needs and we will address exactly what you are looking for. Listed below are the following things that should be discussed:
Step 2:
Calculate the cost of your design by estimating the time and effort it will take to create it. An estimated quote will be determined prior to service. We are based on hourly billing rates with a going rate of $35 an hour. A project can take anywhere from 2 to 20 hours. We take the following steps into consideration when deciding on a price:
Step 3:
Discuss a design that will best suite your company, including the size, colors, text, images, etc. for the design. This will be done either through email or a physical meeting. We will provide concepts/sketches and decide on a final design.
Step 4:
Sit back and relax. It's time for us to create everything for you! When the time is right, we will have however numbers of meetings are necessary get feedback from you and make revisions. Upon completion, you will recieve an email with a copy of your design including all formats desired.
*Note: We only create the design/illustration for you. Actually implementing the design in the form of a sign, banner, website, etc. is up to you!
For more information or to commission a request,
feel free to contact us directly at:
Click here